BCC Multi Stripe Wipe missing?

Downloaded the latest version on Mac studio and the BCC Multi Stripe Wipe effect is missing from Premiere, but I still have it in AE. Was it removed??

several effects are missing from premiere, but they’re still in After Effects. uninstall reinstall several times.

crash zoom dissolve, atmospheric glow BCC glow+ and others too

Many effects Missing.

Hi Guys. I’ve also reproduced this issue - thanks for mentioning it. The solution that I found which works for me is to reset the Premiere Pro plugin cache. To do this, hold the shift key while starting Premiere Pro - you’ll see a dialog that will allow you to rebuild the plugin cache so make sure this box is checked - then proceed and when PP rebuilds it’s plugin database you’ll see that all of the missing effects should have been returned to your effects palette.


Bingo! Thank you, I was just about to roll back the OS from Ventura to Monterey thinking that was the issue.