BCC+ OFX filter not looking right

Hi, i applied this BCC+Film Stocks, in the editor it looks correct but back in Silhouette the colours are off,
the same with most of the BCC+ nodes,
is this expected, do they not work in Silhouette?

Continuum has not been qualified to run in Silhouette. Many of the BCC+ filters are already in Silhouette natively though. Film Stocks is available in the Silhouette’s Film Lab tab.

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Thankyou, i thought as much & it’s good to know it’s not my PC/software & that many are already in Silhouette, :+1::+1:

The good news is that the Continuum beta version does not have this issue–at least for Film Stocks anyway.

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Yep i tried a few of each, it was the BCC+ ones, I was just checking it wasn’t my setup & i can use those + ones in Vegas if i want to, there’s more than enough that work fine in Silhouette for me :+1: