BCC OFX for Flame on Linux

Hi, following a thread on the Logik forum kindly answered by @brian.fox

It would be great if at least some of the BCC modules became available as OFX for Flame on Linux. We already have Sapphire on all our Flame systems, which covers loads of look dev, lighting type stuff. But I’m especially interested in the Image Restoration module which (I know from experience in other NLEs) is great, and has no equivalent in Sapphire.


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Hi Cicero,

Thank you for this request - I’ll add it to the feature request database so that we have a record of the request but I don’t think it’s likely that we would be able to offer Continuum filters for Flame on Linux in the near term. The “never say never” rule applies here (of course) so if we were to receive enough requests for this from Flame/Nuke users on Linux to justify the development and marketing effort that would be required then we can give it a green light.


Thanks for you reply Peter, and for your honesty :grinning:
I’ll keep hoping!