BCC Optical Flow & FCP X

I’m using FCP X 10.4.6 and BCC. I have a clip on my timeline with shake that I want to smooth. I’ve been using FCP’s built-in stabilization but I used BCC Optical Flow with good results in Media100/RED and wanted to try it in FCP. If I just drop it on the shaky clip in the FCP timeline, it wants a source. I do select the trimmed clip on the timeline as the source I want to smooth out? Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately what you’re looking for is Optical Stabilizer, not Optical Flow, and we don’t support Optical Stabilizer in FxPlug at this time due to some host-side threading architecture changes. Optical Flow is useful for retiming shots (slow-motion) but it does not stabilize shaky footage like Optical Stabilizer would.