BCC Optical flow & Skype Call Recorder

I did some Skype interviews recording with Call Recorder. The video recorded at 15 fps. I’m editing in Avid MC in a 23.97 fps project.

Frame flex does a fair job of keeping things in sync, but it’s fairly jerky looking video.

I’m wondering if BCC Optical flow is the best solution for getting the video to appear a bit smoother.

Any suggestions on the best settings would be appreciated, or other alternatives to BCC Optical flow for this situation.

Thanks in advance, Ed

I would start with BCC Optical Flow and compare that to the result obtained with BCC Velocity Remap. If there are objects that cross in front of each other Optical Flow might not be the optimal solution and in that case Velocity Remap will generate a more photoreal result. So I’d try both filters and then select the result that looks the cleanest.


Thanks for the suggestions. Will try them out.