BCC Page Turn - How to make back of page blank

Hi: I am using BCC Page turn and want to have the back of the turning page be blank or perhaps just a texture. However, I cannot manage to reveal the new page. The only effect I manage to get is that the revealing page is the same as the outgoing page (using Black as the fill for the back of the outgoing page as a sample)
Running 2019.5 v6.1.1 on AVID MC 8.1.1


See if applying the filter straight on to the clip instead of the Filler & then setting Alternate Back to 2nd Below works for you.

Thank you.

  • Mukesh Shah

QA/Boris FX

Hi Mukesh:
Thanks for the suggestion.
The method you describe does work. I only looks like I need to add an edit to the section of the clip that gets the Page Turn effect.
Also, in my case I need to mixdown the video layers in some cases that will be getting the page turn effect, since I am using Pan and Zoom on a lot of graphics elements that otherwise will add too many layers for the Page Turn effect to see through.

Glad it is working for you. Yeah, if you are spanning P&Z across many clips then video mixdowns should help.