BCC Pan and Zoom problem

I nested the BCC Pan and Zoom effect on top of the BCC Lens Correct effect for a clip in Media Composer and it appears that when I UNcheck the “show safe color levels” box there is NO change. If I only place the Pan and Zoom by itself on a clip, UNchecking the “safe levels” box DOES work. Is this a glitch when nesting the Pan and Zoom on top of another effect or is there something else I need to do?

Thanks for the help!

Did you uncheck the safe levels checkbox in the Lens Correction filter as well? Each filter has its own Safe Levels checkbox, although there is a way to override all these individual settings in Avid with a global setting in the Continuum Preferences pane (available in the general controls section of any Continuum filter). If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please post a screenshot of the effect controls - or even a sample bin - so we can be sure we’re understanding your setup correctly.

Ah, I see the problem. After reviewing the check boxes, I noticed I was unchecking “Safe Levels” under General Controls, but FORGOT to uncheck “Video Safe Colors” under Source for BCC Pan and Zoom. Colors look how I wanted with the “Video Safe Color” UNCHECKED.