BCC Primatte Studio - Help needed with grain / noise / flickering?

Hey guys, :slightly_smiling_face:

first off I’m using Primatte studio for the first time in Avid MC. It’s pretty impressive how good it works, I really enjoy using it and it seems like very powerfull tool.

But after many hours of messing arround, the result I can accomplish is not perfect. Because clothes are often too noisy. Here is an example video (I zoomed in, that’s why the clip is a bit unsharp and grainy in general)


I think that flickering comes from “secondary spill remover”.
But this function is absolutely essential, because without it, hair and clothings have way too much green, and it looks like this:

After activation of the “secondary spill remover”, hair are looking way better:

But as soon as “secondary spill remover” is activated I get this huge amount of noise on the clothing. So that’s I’m trying to make changes with “bias” and “ammount” but it’s not getting much better.

Can someone give me an advice to get a better result?

PS: Here you can see the technical data of the footage I’m using, just incase someone wants to know:

We’re not familiar with a case where the secondary spill correction causes noise. Would you be able to send us a sample of the actual source clip so we can analyze it in detail? Feel free to send it off-list to us directly:
jclement at borisfx dot com

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I suspect that the “noise” that you’re seeing isn’t necessarily an insolvable noise issue, but rather a problem with the key’s matte generation When you were working on building the key, did you switch to the Matte Status view and if so, did you manage to clean up the matte completely while in that mode? This is an essential step when using Primatte and can’t be skipped.

As Jason mentioned, it might be best for you to send along a frame from the clip that you’re working on and I can set it up for you. Along with Jason’s email, my direct email is peterm (@ borisfx.com)


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Thanks for your replies

I would really like to upload a source clip and send it to you guys, but I have to clear things up first. As we have very drastic privacy protection laws here. (Edit: I just the the clip to both your mail addresses).

I did cleaned up in Matte View all the time. I suspected that either, and there fore I build the key over and over again and cleaned up with matte view all the time, I think that’s not it.

I also tried chaning to completely different backgrounds, unfortunately that wont help. I also changed and completely removed color correction of the clip, but that won’t help either.

But one thing I recognized is that the problem did not occur on mediuc close-up shots. It’s only happening at all the wide and medium shots

Here I have another screenshot of the problem. That’s what I get with my new footage, as soon as I turn “secondary spill remover” on (I zoomed in the footage)

Could you tell us please what resolution the timeline is set to in MC? Is it yellow/yellow green/green/10 bit/32 bit?


It’s always set to green/green or 10 bit when working with Primatte Studio.

The problem got solved, basically it has not much to do with Primatte Studio. The Source material I used has just a lot of noise in it and that caused the problem.

Peter was so kind to check on a source clip. He reduced the noise with a Plug-In called Neat Video and created a preset which I can directly use with Primatte Studio.

Thank you so much for your great support!

PS: I would like to ad a [solved] in the title of the first post, but it seems like I’m not able to do that.