BCC Primatte Studio in Resolve playback issue

Working with Resolve Studio 17.4.2 on a Mac Pro with 6900XT and SSD RAID. Having an issue getting the clips to playback in realtime so I can see how the key is really looking. Source footage 23.976 in 4K. Working timeline is HD 2997. If I tell Resolve to render the Primatte node it wont render. The node stays red. If I go to the timeline and select “render cache color output” the clip gets rendered to the SSD Raid. Then on playback it looks good for about a second before it starts stuttering. I tried optimizing the source clip to ProRes but did not help playback. Also tried making a compound clip and rendering that in the timeline. Same issue.

I can see the CPU starts working more when Resolve hits the clip with Primatte on it. To my knowledge R17 is rendering a new file so not sure why the CPU load would bump up.

Appreciate any tips. Thx!

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Hi Chad,

In Resolve, when I enable the host smart caching feature I can get real-time previews in the Edit and Color tabs. If you would like to try this, select from the Resolve menu bar : Playback>Render Cache>Smart. After enabling this feature, you should see that the Edit timeline will change progressively from red to blue as Resolve caches all of the frames from the live-filtered effect. Once cached, playback should be real-time.

Please let me know if this helps.


Hi Peter

Sorry for my late reply. Yes worked.

Thanks for your help


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