BCC Rays Wedge with mask becomes unresponsive

Hi, can you try this pls, when I add BCC Rays Wedge, then add a pixel chooser mask the Light Source centre becomes unresponsive, removing the mask & turning Mocha/Pixel chooser off doesn’t help?

Also BCC Rays Textured, BCC Rays Streaky, BCC Rays Ripply, BCC Rays Ring
I’ve tried these in Vegas & Adobe AE.

Hey Gid,

Like you, I initially thought this was a bug but in fact it’s not.

The issue is that you need to set a pop-up in the filter to return control of the rays to the point picker instead of Mocha. So once you have the filter in that state where the light is not responding to the light source point picker, twirl open the Motion Tracker / Mocha group and change the Apply pop-up from Light Source to None and that should do it for you.


Thanks, I can’t describe it but I’ve had a play & I see now :+1: