BCC Remover clone jittery?

Hi, i was watching Boris FX Live: Virtual IBC 2020 Day 3 Replay where Mary shows the Remover tool,
I tried it on a couple of clips with different frame rate & ratios but the clone is jumping on both,
I tried tracking Destination & Source, together, separately, linking one to the other,
nothing seems to stop the jumping of the cloned area?
Mocha normally works perfectly & the tracking looks solid, am i missing something?
Screenshot posted on Youtube


Very interesting - I tried to reproduce the problem that you describe using the BCC Remover filter in the After Effects host on the Mac but it’s working perfectly fine on my system.

Can you tell us what host you’re using and also what version of Continuum?


Hi, Vegas Pro 19.0 (Build 381)

I’ve updated Optics but for some reason it still shows Update in dark grey

Thanks for the quick reply - we’ll give it a shot in Vegas.

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Thanks :+1:

Hi i tried it in Hitfilm Pro but just get a blank screen when i open Mocha either directly on the timeline or as a composite

I tried it in DaVinci Resolve, it works on the Edit tab if i drop Remover on the clip in the timeline but i get the same jumping, the saw wobbles a bit but you can see the clone is moving more than where it was sourced from,
If i try it in the Fusion tab i get very slow playback & no movement on screen in Mocha,
I don’t use either of these programs much & have very little experience so i don’t know if i’m using them right. or if Remover is meant to work in these programs,
I’m more interested in Vegas as that’s what i mainly use, & this function i think would be useful to hide the odd blemish in my work before i post the video to YT :shushing_face:
I do have Silhouette tho so could do any removes in that.

This clip is DaVinci Resolve, Edit tab & Fusion with Remover.
DaVinci Resolve with BCC Remover, Edit & in the Fusion tab

If you could share with me a simple Vegas project where it fails, along with the source clip, I would be happy to have someone take a look and attempt to reproduce / understand the issue. You can send it to me privately at (peterm@borisfx.com).


Hi, i sent you an email, I put it in zip locked folder, don’t know if that’s right, i rarely send that sort of stuff through email,
In the last YT vid i posted i tried it on a different clip, same results were a little wobbly so i don’t think it is the video clip/media,

This is the result i get from the project i sent where cloned the rear light to the rear wheel :+1:

File received thanks … we’ll use that and try to repro the result that you’re getting.


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:+1: Thanks, let me know if you need anything else.
Vegas just updated so the email i sent & the video above was done with Vegas Pro 19.0 (Build 424)

We’ve repro’d the issue but have also found a workaround for you. Vin said that he would reach out to you with his findings.


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Thanks, I did try creating a separate track then linking the source to it… but that didn’t change the outcome,
Love Mocha so i’m surprised by this, hopefully whatever you come up with will work, thanks,

Hello, so I took a look at this and am currently investigating why you’re getting the wobble. Your motion track looks very solid. I did notice that a potential workaround for you could be to switch the mode from Absolute to Relative. You’ll need to reposition the source point, but when I do that, I get a very solid clone removal without the wobble.

Let me know if this works for you.

Thanks i’m going to have a go, Relative Offset is the default setting & the one i was trying with first,
but i couldn’t work out why or how it offset,
in this pic destination is on the rear wheel & the source + is on the red rear light above the wheel but it shows the no’ plate/back of car in the destination window?:man_shrugging:
that’s why i switched to Absolute.

I sort of understand some of it,
if i set the destination centre, the source shows correctly wherever it’s + is, i guess that’s the offset

but if i move the destination things are then by eye

Yep Relative is a lot better, i get a bit of movement but that’s because of the distance & parallax or whatever the right word is, i doubt I’ll be using such a distance between the two when i use it for real, it’ll be a small patch from a closely adjacent area :+1: Thankyou,

the source is just up & behind the door handle but the offset means it shows the rear light,