BCC Title Help with transparencies

I’m new to the title studio, now that Avid pulled the rug out from under the old title tool. A client’s particular lower third treatment requires a black bar background which transitions from opaque along the bottom edge to totally transparent when it gets to the top. So imagine a black bar that fades to nothing going from bottom to top. I cannot get Boris to do this, and I need it all the time. It keeps fading from black to a grey wash which I cannot get rid of. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Hi Brent,

In the attachment to this message, I’ve included a zip that contains what I think you’re looking for. Here are the steps to create it :

(1) In Title Studio custom GUI button that looks like a color test pattern and select Gradient from the list. This action will add a new gradient track to the composition

(2) Click on the Material sub-track of the gradient track to reveal the gradient parameters in the Control Panel

(3) Set the gradient angle to minus 90 degrees to set the ramp from bottom to top

(4) Click on the color tab on the right and set that to black so that the result is two identical black color stops

(5) With the second color stop still selected, set the alpha value to zero

(6) Then reposition the color stops and the midpoint to generate the gradient that you’re looking for



GradientLowerThird.blu.zip (1 KB)