BCC Title Studio 2023 Titles are transparent

I have Continuum Complete 2023 OFX and use Vegas Pro 20.
Computer: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, RX 6700XT, 32GB RAM, Win11 Pro.
All drivers (motherboard and GPU 23.2.2) and OS up to date.
BCC Title Studio About?: 9.1603

When I edit a title in the FX Browser, Composite over background, everything appears great.
When I click Apply, the resulting title barely appears as if opacity has been used.
It doesn’t matter what Composite: Apply Mode I use, it always looks as if opacity is used.
Attached image is TS Window on the left, and Vegas Preview on the right.

I also tried doing titles in Resolve Studio 18, and have the same results.
But, if I use it on a Solid Color from Media Generator and make it transparent, it works.

Suggestions or additional info needed?


Could you please send along the Title Studio project file so that we can try to reproduce the issue that you’re seeing? You should be able to save that out of Title Studio onto the desktop and send it along from there.

How do you have the timeline setup? It would be helpful to know how you’re applying Title Studio … are you filtering the background track directly? Asking so that we can try to reproduce what you’re seeing.


Greetings from Poland!

Thanks for your reply Peter. There is another user in the Vegas forum that has the same issue.
I did nothing special, and tried the “stock” selections from the library. I did no editing to the templates. Just “drag and drop”.

The timeline is UHD 4K. Nothing else. The clips were also “drag and drop”.

I have a 5 second video clip, drag BCC Title Studio to it, click on FX Browser, choose any of the templates, click Apply.

Back on the timeline, I don’t see the title.
But… if I roll back the graphics driver to 22.5.1 (May of 2022), the above “recipe” works as seen in the screenshot below.

This leads me to believe that it’s an issue with the latest (and previous latest) AMD graphics driver.

Greetings from a snowy Boston!

Wow - that’s a good one. I think we need to issue an FAQ on that so that other who may encounter that same issue will be able to use your notes to work past the problem on their systems. I’ll also discuss this with engineering.

Thank you so much for sharing this info.


Oh, we had snow here. In the States where I was living (Suffolk County, NY), I had a snow blower. Plug into the wall to start, no yanking the cord unless I needed a workout. Here, shovel…

While AMD “recommends” WHQL 23.2.2, which does with well with another software I use, Title Studio just doesn’t work along with a couple of other plugins I use.

22.5.1 driver is tough to find using AMD search box, but another user in the Vegas forum kept the link.
Here it is if anyone wants to download the driver.

Mind your back with that shovel!

Thank you again for helping with the amd driver update issue - we’ve already passed that info along to another customer who was experiencing the same problem and it also fixed his system.


As for shoveling, I am more concerned about ice and slipping. Trashed my shoulder 2 years in a row falling on it with full body weight, 200lbs. It’s now permanently messed up.

I just wanted bring this to the attention of BorisFX. I know most users have Nvidia, but there are some of us with AMD hardware. It was no problem helping!
I guess the check’s in the mail?? :wink:

I do have an additional question. The title pictured in the above post used up almost all of my computer RAM, 32GB. Is this normal?

Side note: Sorry, Boston clam chowder is not on my list. Manhattan clam chowder is! I guess that’s because I am from NYC.

Ugh - sorry to hear about the shoulder. I’m going through some rehab for a frozen shoulder, which seem to be helping.

I’d like to extend to you an invitation to participate in our Continuum beta program - if you’re interested in this please drop me a private note here : peterm(at)borisfx(dot)com.

I would not have expected TS to gobble up all of that RAM for a title like this. I’ll take a look at my system - but then, I’m typically on internal unreleased versions of the software.

Boston clam chowder is not on the top of my list either - way too creamy and buttery for my taste. Manhattan clam chowder is better - I like the tomato base. But I’m originally from Dublin so neither is my first selection - I prefer some good old fashioned Irish stew as a winter warmer! :slight_smile: