BCC Title Studio and Vegas Pro 19

Hi, we purchased Vegas Pro 19 a month ago. Ready to use BCC Title Studio for the first time but do not see it anywhere under the Video FX tab in Vegas. Did I miss a step when downloading Title Studio? How do I get that into Vegas? Thanks

The OFX plugin version of BorisFX Title Studio comes as either a Premium Filter or as part of the BCC 3D Objects Unit. On checking the ‘extras’ that have been offered as part of Vegas Pro 19 offers over the past month or so, neither of those products are listed as coming with Vegas Pro 19 (however, other BorisFX products are listed). It’s unclear from your post, but is it the free Standalone version of Title Studio that you’ve downloaded? If so, the free standalone version of Title Studio does not work as an OFX plugin in any NLE including Vegas Pro.

If this is not the case, it would be great if you could provide more details about the Title Studio version that you have and how it is described in the documentation that you received from VEGAS about your Vegas Pro 19 purchase.