BCC Title Studio - back in Vegas

Hey - I’ve been quiet for a few days, result eh?

Okay so the next question is that I have followed the example and all working great in Title Studio, I click apply and return to Vegas and …

  1. There seems to me an interlace effect as titles move across the screen .

  2. Whilst in Title Studio the “project” starts with the banner off the screen, returning to Vegas it starts (apparently) a frame in with the banner already one frame into the screen.

Web doesn’t want to let me upload screen shots at this point (“wrong” browser?)


Hi Steve, I’m curious if its possible that you have motion blur on? It’s in the Scene Container/Render tab. If possible would you be able to send me a copy of your project, with the footage? I’d be happy to take a look and see what’s up.

@SteveSharkey any news?

Hi Steve, I don’t believe I received a project file. I’d need to look at your settings to determine what the issue is, as it’s not reproducible on our end. Would you be able to send that along along with the footage?

I resolved this - and I’m struggling to remember how - quite important that I remember as I’ve just discovered the same thing again on another test project…

Got it! It was a Vegas thing.in the project properties dialog box select field order as None (progressive) otherwise, despite nothing being interlaced, it tries to de-interlace the titles and actually adds an interlaced effect to the titles as the zoom in from the left.