BCC Title Studio - can´t apply material styles to fonts

Hi, I´m quite new to Title Studio, I have viewed a lot of tutorials, but I´m not able to apply material styles to fonts. In the tutorials, it looks quite simple: show material track, marking the text track, clicking on a material style and its done…
Not in my case. Nothing happens. What goes wrong? Avid MC 2020.4 - BCC 2020.5

Greets Armin

Hello Armin,
There are two kinds of text - Flat(2D) and Extruded (3D).
The different styles cannot be applied to both kinds.
Here is an extract from my Vimeo on Demand series showing you that if you are using flat(2D) text - Material Styles cannot be applied.

Hope this helps

Hallo Douglas, thx for your quick reply. Although it is a pity that this function cannot be applied to 2D text, I have created an extruded text, but it does not work here either. Perhaps a strange knob or cross to make somewhere in the interface, but I did not get it. I’m afraid there isn’t much that can be done wrong. But who knows…:))

Fortuitously I have found another bug. I have copied a spline object and when trying to edit this copy the handles stay on the original spline, but alter the copy… funny thing:))

I had some extra time to answer you at the weekend, but now I am very busy.
I am sure that when the USA wakes up, Peter from Boris FX will be able to help you figure things out.
Good luck.

Hi Douglas, so do I, but thx for your efforts. Wish you a successful week.
Regards Armin

Hi Armin,

I have a couple of questions for you :

(1) what version of Continuum are you using
(2) are you working with the standalone title studio or a plug-in via a host
(3) if you’re using the plug-in, which host
(4) what platform are you on - win or mac

I may ask you to do a screen recording so that I can see what you’re seeing.


Hi Peter,

thanks for taking a look…

  1. BCC 2020.5
  2. and 3. Plug-in via Avid Host MC 2020.4
  3. Windows 10 Pro Version 1909

I will do a screen recording as soon as I get to it…

Best Regards

Thanks Armin!

Hallo Peter, here is the little video for my apply issue, I hope it will upload and I didn´t modify the title Clip in the timeline, I just moved it around. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Peter, I found out, the dropped rigid run issue disappears, when you throw the effect on a real clip instead of a Filler. This made the trick! So this is solved!

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Well, here is the Material Style Video, I hope it loads, I don´t see a loading bar or something,… and then I stop torturing you… I am aware, that most of the issues are related to operator errors. Perhaps if you just write me down the few steps for Dummies to see a nice material style on a font, I will be happy.

Hi Armin! Delighted to hear that the Rigid Run feature is working for you. The video didn’t come through - perhaps you can send that to me directly via a google drive share or something along those lines? My email is peterm@borisfx.com