BCC Title Studio Colour of a Lower Third Template?

I added a BCC TS Lower Third TEMPLATE to a VegasPro Event. Very nice too! However, how do I, or can I, change the Colour of the Background to the Lower Third?

TIA - Grazie


To change the colors you will need to open the Title Studio UI and edit the colors for the various building blocks that make up the combined lower third. Twirl open the tracks to expose the elements and then select an element you want to change. Then use the tabs in the Controls view to select the colors for the Fill / Border / etc. Here is a screenshot showing a track selected and the controls for it. Reviewing some of the many tutorials here would also be a great way to get familiar with the basic mechanics of Title Studio:


Thanks for your reply. And yes Basic Tutorials are going to be excellent. However, I’ve not found or revealed that all important BORDER Window. This is what I’ve got:

I’ve tried all the variouos Views and Layouts but can’t locate that BORDER Coontrol.

Do you have an idea?

The controls you see depend on what you have selected. As in the screenshot I sent you need to go to the Timeline pane and twirl open the various tracks to reveal the individual building blocks. E.g. Spin open the “LOWER THIRD” track and inside it you will see a Main Box and a Sub Box track. Spin each of those open to reveal the Texture - Rectangle tracks. When you click on those individual building blocks, the controls for each are displayed and you can see the Border and Fill tabs, etc. Here is a copy of your screenshot with a red arrow pointing to the timeline tracks. Those are the elements you need to spin open and select individually. Compare to my screenshot where they are already twirled open.


Jason, youre too kind! Here I’ve succeeded with your direction, in changing the Colour:

Is it possible to GRAB a Panel or BACKGROUND and move it, by selecting from the Edit Area?

You can grab any tabbed window and move that to another position in the UI. Just click and drag on the tab at the top left and drag this beside another tab or to a new position. There are also presets for different window layouts, which can be accessed via the Window>Workspace menu - you can also use this menu to save your own custom layouts.

Lol . . Sorry I didn’t explain myself well enough. I’ve got TEXT sitting on a WHITE Background. Can I grab that Background and move it?

Ahhh … I get it. Well that’s only possible if you import that background as a separate element, which you should be able to do. Just add a V1 track and that should do it. The background that you see at default is for object placement purposes only and will not render into the result.

Really? I see this inside the Workspace and VP18:

That’s the White I mean.

Ahh … you are referring to the background color of the lower third spline object. Got it. When you said background I assumed the video background. :slight_smile:

You can select the spline and reposition it using the on-screen 3D gimbal, which becomes visible once the object has been selected so you’ll need to first select the spline shape in the timeline, then you can reposition it by dragging the on-screen 3D gimbal.

And you might want to view this tutorial from Dan Harvey - it’ll show you how to create and modify lower thirds in Title Studio. The UI is a little stale and it’s showing the Resolve host but the workflow is totally relevant to what you’re doing : Boris FX | Using and Creating Presets with Title Studio and Resolve