BCC Title Studio Credit Roll Help

I’m trying to build a multipage credit roll based off a 19 page word document. I’ve been able to break the word doc down to 5 or 6 separate files in order to create the roll in Title Studio. Then in Title Studio I create 5-6 pages in order to fit the entire credit roll. Couple questions though.

1-Is there a way to know how close to the limit I am for each page in Title Studio? I understand that each page has a limit but it seems to be guess work finding that limit. So far I’ve been breaking my word doc down to either 3, 4 or 5 pages with mixed results based on font sizes. Any tips on that?

2-When I break it down to say 5-6 pages in Title Studio it automatically ends one and begins the next page. Then only the header need be adjusted. I’d like to be able to see where one page ends and the next begins though. I have changed the text color so it was easy to see, but I wonder if there is a way that the Pages (layers) can auto size in the timeline so it’s easier to see where my page breaks. For example, is it possible to see that Page 2 begins at 12 seconds in and Page 3 begins 12 seconds later or whatever the duration is?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Errin,

The vertical per page limit is 16000 pixels - I’ll have that checked internally and confirm that with you.

Keyframes are only created at the start and end of the automated rolls / crawls but there’s a neat trick you can use. Set the animation style to fade and you’ll see keyframes in the timeline. You can then right click in the timeline and add a user mark. Then switch back to roll / crawl and you’ll be able to detect when the pages are changing.

I’ll add a feature request to automatically add user marks at page breaks in a title roll / crawl via a user definable option in the UI.

I hope this helps.



Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to know the pixel count for each page that I’m working on? Does it show up anywhere? That way I can better guess how many pages I need to break my word doc down to.

Thanks for the keyframe trick. I’ll try that out.

Hi Errin,

Currently, the only way I can think of is to create a new comp that is 1920 wide and 16k tall, then import the pages. Or, you can create a new image that is 1920 wide by 16k tall and use that as a template. I’ve attached one that you can use.

Moving forward, this will be fixed in BCC 12.x … not in the initial release but in a forthcoming point release. The fix will be to offer pixels as a measure system in the text window. Currently, the system is using picas/points, which probably isn’t all that useful.



16k vert image.jpg.zip (60.7 KB)


What host program are you using? Avid?

I’ll see if I can put pixel dimensions somewhere in the UI. It is super easy. Also, would wireframe for each page help? We had that in RED but not in TS. If you zoom out to say 6% all pages may be in the view as wireframes. There is also a way to color background of each page. Go to Layer tab and change default color from black and crank up opacity. Another way to see the text extent on each page is by using the T tool. It will draw the outline of the entire page even outside the visible frame.

I’m using Avid Symphony.

I’m not sure I understand what the wireframe would do. I rarely use effects so pardon my lack of understanding.

I will try those other suggestions. I have changed the color on every other page and that allows me to see the change, but I still have to scroll to find it. Just wondered if there was an easier way to see where the page breaks are as I’m building. Thanks for the help.

Basically, the way our credit roll works is that all pages are positioned along Y coordinate, from the bottom of the screen down, and then the whole group is pushed up by the container animation. The trouble is that you will only see one at a time in the viewport and you will not know where the other ones are. A wireframe drawn outside the view port will show you where the page is at any given time event if it is not yet on the screen, assuming that you are zoomed out enough to see it.

I added a preference to see layer sizes in the timeline panel. You’ll find it in the next beta drop, most likely next week.

What is the “T Tool”?

I laid out an entire project and it looked like it was working well at the half quality. We proofed all the text and were moving forward. This was done at the Yellow quality setting in the Avid timeline. However when I rendered it out and watched it at full quality it cut off the tail of a few of my pages. The only fix was to go back and redistribute all my pages, essentially starting from the beginning.

Why would it preview the correct effect at lower quality and then lose it at the final quality?

Also, unless I’m using the 16k vert image wrong, it shows way more page availability then what I’m able to fill with text.

Sorry, we may have confused you with the 16K size. In reality the limit is much smaller. The version you are using (in beta) is limited to 8K.

I think I know why large textures worked in half res and not in full res. In half res textures loaded on the graphics card are half the size. Perhaps, it’s better to stay in full res all the time to insure that previews and renders match.

Ok, that’s kind of good news. So will there be a version released soon that will give us the 16k size? That would allow us to break down our main document to possibly half as many sub documents. For example, on yesterday’s project I had to create 6 separate subdocuments to create 6 different pages in Boris Title Studio. Each of those creates an opportunity to make a mistake as well as 5 points of intersection where the headers need to be checked.

I will keep the project in full res. I had been using it at full res, and probably would’ve noticed the difference but of course the machine is happier in half res. Is it possible to get a “full” preview at half res in the future or is that not an option.

Also, the wire frames for each page would be helpful as you suggested. I did try the change animation to fade, add User Mark, and then go back to roll tip. It sort of works. The User marks don’t line up with the transition once you change back to the roll, so you still need to know where you made the page break. I found it easier to just make a note separately. Also, when I had to add an additional page due to the preview issue all of the marks were way off. Just one more step to move/replace the marks again. It would be great if there was a view similar to the fade view available in the roll setting that I could see at a quick glance where the page breaks are. Of course, if the file size goes from 8k to 16k it’s less of an issue as there would be less pages to maintain.

Can you point me to the “T Tool”. Maybe that will be helpful as well.

Really appreciate all the help in getting this sorted. I think you guys have been talking to Jeff too.

Hello. Bringing this back up.

We have upgraded our Avids, PC and I guess Boris. So now we are having issues again. We are currently using Avid Media Composer 2018.12.6 on Windows 10. BFX Title Studio Continuum 2019

I can open up our Boris projects that were created in our previous environment and they appear to work fine. The roll starts within :08 frames and I see all 6 of my credit pages.

However, when I edit the text in the individual pages to update it things get weird. First the first page does not start the animation until roughly :07 seconds in the timeline. Then it creates a :10 second gap to the second page of text. This happens down the timeline and makes it so that the pages down the line never appear. There must be a way to have the text start near the beginning of the timeline but I can’t seem to find it. This was not a setting that I remember ever having to do in our previous environment.

I can go into the Controls Tab and then adjust the Shape Position Y to start at the correct point for the first page, but the following pages don’t seem to come along with that move. Is there a way link up the following pages to follow the first page closely? In our previous workflow they would follow closely and then we would fine tune each page using the Page Header controls.

When we were using this program in the past there was a pixel limit and I believe it was still in Beta. So we have been breaking down our credit list to six individual pages in order to make our roll work. Are the same pixel limits in effect? I believe it was about 8k per page before?

Hopefully someone can get back to me and help us get this effect working again. Thanks.

Hello, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. Sometimes with Title containers, adjusting the text triggers the animation to recaluclate. Would you be able to send me a copy of the title studio project as a .blu file? I’d be happy to take a look and see what the issue and workaround may be.


Hi Vin,

Thank you very much. I’ll be working with one of our engineers to get a file to you. We are working remote now so I can’t get access to it directly. What’s the best way to get it to you?



From Title Studio you can export the project by selecting “save as” then you can send it to me directly either as an attachment here, or, if you prefer, directly at vincentm@borisfx.com

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Thank you. I’ve sent our engineering dept the email address. The file they should be sending is called S19 Long Credit Test.blu.

Still having a lot of issues with our credit rolls. I can’t figure out why when adding a page to a Title Roll the text starts so far below the camera? If I move the camera, probably not the best, I can get it start when I want. However, when I add a second, third, fourth page there is a big gap between each file. Too much to adjust with the headers/footers. Any suggestions?


Difficult to determine the cause of the problem without having the project on hand. Would you be able to share with us the text files and the title studio project please so that we can take a look at it on our systems?


Thank you Peter. Vincent has been helping me via email. I think I have my spacing issue all figured out. However now I’m getting some really bad strobing as the roll moves upwards. We didn’t have this problem in the past. I’ve tried adjusting the speed but it seems to make no difference. Any thoughts on how to smooth this out?


Bringing this back to the top. Haven’t heard back from Vincent in a while. We are still having issues. Reading back over this thread I’m curious if the following changes have been made.

Currently using Boris Title Studio 2019

Has the pixel limit been increased? We still seem to be hitting a limit.

Did the Pixel Dimensions get added? Are they in this version and if so where?

Also, there is an issue where if’ve spaced all the pages properly using Position. Then I have to go back and fix spelling for example. Only on a single line. ALL of my pages get out of adjustment. It ripples down the crawl.

Is there anyone available to go over this stuff with me? One on one would be very helpful. Is that an option?