BCC Title Studio - How to get started - need some tutorials

Running Boris Title Studio 12.0 on AVID 8.8
I cant even seem to get started.
How do I get text onto the Boris Timeline?
How do I set up a Text Type-on?

There must be some basic tutorials. The only ones I’ve seen are dealing with the presets, but none that I’ve found show how to set up a basic text on the GUI, and then how to make the transforms.

Somehow, one part of my text shows up on the GUI, but I cant get the other part of the text to appear?

The screenshot shows the text “First Amendment…” Not seeing it on the timeline.
The screenshot shows the text"Congress shall…", but I don’t see any controls in the transformations to make it type on. I don’t even know why it shows up on the Composite Window.

Need step by step basic video tutorials, not those text ones on the website. I find them very difficult to follow.

Thanks for the advice in advance.

Have you checked out the Title Studio documentation here? Boris FX | BCC Title Studio

Or seen our BCC Fundamentals Tutorials 13-19 which cover Title Studio?

  1. Boris FX | BCC Fundamentals: 013 - Title Studio - Intro to Title Studio
  2. Boris FX | BCC Fundamentals: 014 - Title Studio - Basics of Title Studio UI
  3. Boris FX | BCC Fundamentals: 015 - Title Studio - Creating a Custom Title Part 1
  4. Boris FX | BCC Fundamentals: 016 - Title Studio - Creating a Custom Title Part 2
  5. Boris FX | BCC Fundamentals: 017 - Title Studio - Intro to 3D Objects Part 1
  6. Boris FX | BCC Fundamentals: 018 - Title Studio - Intro to 3D Objects Part 2
  7. Boris FX | BCC Fundamentals: 019 - Title Studio - Working with C4D Objects

Please use those as resources and see if they meet your needs. If not, let us know and I will ask @PeterMcAuley, since he’s the absolute most knowledgeable about Continuum as the Senior Product Manager for the Continuum toolset.

Have a great day,

Thanks for the links.

I’ll check those out.


Finally had a chance to check out the tutorials. I guess I’ll have to watch several times to get a handle on this program…
Meanwhile, one thing I can’t figure out:
When I want to wrap text, I set the checkbox to “wrap text” and the text does not appear on the text compositor screen, it only appears on the right side screen and it is centered, while I have the justify left box highlighted.
When I uncheck the “text wrap” box, the text appears as is should, but I have to enter a return at the end of each line.
Is this a bug, or am I not doing something correctly.
Thank you.

Hi Ed,

Glad to hear that you’re working through the tutorials. So for the wrap function, you’ll have to select the text, then make an adjustment to the “Page Width” parameter once you have text wrap enabled. Can you try that please and let me know if this helps?

Yes - the application is quite deep and complex but there are so many great options.



Hi Peter:
Thank you. That seems to work. Not sure what the “Page Width” parameter setting actually is. I cannot find it on the BorisFX website. I have to presume that it refers to the measurement at the top of the text screen?
There is also a slider at the top that I imagine is a margin setting. However, it does not seem to do anything on the right screen where it shows the composition.
It looks like I have to use the arrows on that composition screen to move the text around, and it is not affected by the margin setting on the text writing screen.
(Sorry, I have no idea of what these different screens are called)

Hi Peter:
To follow up on my previous query, I have managed to get the text where I want it, but now I want the text for “Congress shall Make no law…” to type on and end up where it is in the screen shot.

Is this possible?
I do not see a type-on option anywhere.
Thanks again, Ed

Hey Ed,

You’re most welcome.

The Page Width param is intended to serve as the maximum of the “page” into which the text can be generated. With a value of about 100, for instance, you may only see a single word per line, based on the image that you shared.

Hey Ed,

For Type-On text effects, you have two choices :

(1) You can use a Title Container to automate it so that all of the text will type on/off

(2) You can keyframe the type on / off manually

I’m assuming that you’re looking for the second option so check out the screenshot that I have included, which should explain it for you.



HI Peter:
My Controls window does not look anything like the one you sent me.
Somehow, I managed to make a new container, with the text inside there. However, when applying the type on animation, the keyframes for each letter typing on are not applying, as they do in the tutorial.
Thanks for your support.

OK, I got it finally. The fade slider had to be set to zero, not 100.

Still having an issue with the type on effect. I want the text to be flat white with drop shadow. Even though in the Text Styles window, if have not checked off any of the options, I still have a metallic look to the text.
How do I get a plain text and keep the drop shadow?
Thank you.

Hi Ed,

The problem is that you’re using 3D extruded text to do the job of flat 2D text - 3D text always uses materials and lights whereas 2D text does not need that. I’d suggest adding a new “Flat Text” element to the title container, then copy the text from the 3D text track and paste that into the text field for the 2D text track, then delete the 3D test track from the container. From there, you can set the color and drop shadow options in the control panel. I’ll make a quick screen recording for you that details the process.



Hi Peter:
I am not able to view the screen recording due to the low resolution of the demo.
I went ahead and created a new container with flat text this time and copied the existing text into the container. However, I am still not able to get a flat white text. It still has that metallic sheen to it. I don’t have any material applied to the style.
This should be much simpler!

I tried changing the Material Attributes, but I cannot adjust them (they seem to be locked). I don’t even know if this is the area that needs to be changed to address the look of the text texture.

Hi Ed,

Yeah, sorry about the low res clip - it was all I could do at that time.

So You should have selected flat text with no lights for the text that you are trying to generate. That’s the first option from the media menu.

To change the color you need to first select the text in the text gen window, then click the color chip in that same tab and set the color you want. The drop shadow is also set with the text selected in that same window - you just need to click on the shadow tab (from the left side of the text gen window) click the x to enable the drop shadow and you’ll find all of the options you need for shadow color, distance, softness etc.

I hope this helps!

I thought that was the option I chose, but I guess not.
Is there no way to change the option after everything else is set up?

Do I need to go back to square one again?

Thanks, Ed
(the learning curve is so steep, I’m about to fall off!)

I am still attempting to create a type-on text using a flat font.
Here are the steps I am taking:

  1. Adding a new container
  2. Options are: New 3D container, New Title Container (I choose New Title Container)
  3. I go to the Add New Media button, but there is no option for choosing Type On Flat Text. (Only choice for type on is Extruded Text)

So the question remains: Is there a way to create a type-on Flat Text with Title Studio?

Looking forward to the solution.
Thanks, Ed

Hello Ed, in addition to Peter’s help, I’d like to add some of my own.
Here is a short Video Tutorial that I threw together for you.
I hope it helps.