BCC Title Studio - How to get started - need some tutorials

Running Boris Title Studio 12.0 on AVID 8.8
I cant even seem to get started.
How do I get text onto the Boris Timeline?
How do I set up a Text Type-on?

There must be some basic tutorials. The only ones I’ve seen are dealing with the presets, but none that I’ve found show how to set up a basic text on the GUI, and then how to make the transforms.

Somehow, one part of my text shows up on the GUI, but I cant get the other part of the text to appear?

The screenshot shows the text “First Amendment…” Not seeing it on the timeline.
The screenshot shows the text"Congress shall…", but I don’t see any controls in the transformations to make it type on. I don’t even know why it shows up on the Composite Window.

Need step by step basic video tutorials, not those text ones on the website. I find them very difficult to follow.

Thanks for the advice in advance.

Have you checked out the Title Studio documentation here? https://borisfx.com/documentation/continuum/bcc-title-studio/

Or seen our BCC Fundamentals Tutorials 13-19 which cover Title Studio?

  1. https://borisfx.com/videos/bcc-fundamentals-013-title-studio-intro-to-title-studio/
  2. https://borisfx.com/videos/bcc-fundamentals-014-title-studio-basics-of-title-studio-ui/
  3. https://borisfx.com/videos/bcc-fundamentals-015-title-studio-creating-a-custom-title-part-1/
  4. https://borisfx.com/videos/bcc-fundamentals-016-title-studio-creating-a-custom-title-part-2/
  5. https://borisfx.com/videos/bcc-fundamentals-017-title-studio-intro-to-3d-objects-part-1/
  6. https://borisfx.com/videos/bcc-fundamentals-018-title-studio-intro-to-3d-objects-part-2/
  7. https://borisfx.com/videos/bcc-fundamentals-019-title-studio-working-with-c4d-objects/

Please use those as resources and see if they meet your needs. If not, let us know and I will ask @PeterMcAuley, since he’s the absolute most knowledgeable about Continuum as the Senior Product Manager for the Continuum toolset.

Have a great day,

Thanks for the links.

I’ll check those out.