BCC Title Studio Increase duration project + timeline Vega Pro 17


Vega Pro 17 and (Title Studio : 2020; 2020.5; 2021)

How to change a duration from project because i try it on Project Settings and Composite Window so it doesn’t work.

If I look at the title on the vegapro timeline it includes the whole item.
However when I am on title studio the duration is not resized according to the duration of the element.
How to change the duration of the title studio project instead of delete the element on vegapro and create new with good duration ?

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Would you be able to share a test project that shows the problem? You could send it via Private Message through the forum if it contains media that can’t be shared publicly. (Click on my pic/username and a Message button appears for sending PMs).

Hello, When Title Studio is launched from the plugin it automatically takes the duration of the clip it’s applied to. Because of this it’s not posible to change the duration from within Title Studio. On option would be to change the clip length in Vegas, or apply Title Studio to a generator clip on the V2 layer. This will allow you to resize the Title Studio layer (in Vegas) without changing the length of the background clip.

Please let me know if this helps.


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Thank you.
The problem is, there is no automatic resizing with the clip.
Also when I set the clip to the right length it appears in title studio and vegapro’s timeline but not render it :

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