BCC TItle Studio insert shortcut?

Doing lower thirds using the FX browser. There must be a shortcut key for “Insert Text”? Or at least I assume so? No big deal clicking the button, but when you have to do dozens of lower thirds, it would be nice to not have to grab the mouse each time.


Hey Joe!

Great suggestion - currently we do not have a hot key for this function but I can see how useful that might be. I’ll add it to our database as a feature request.


Hey there Peter,

Well, at least it’s a relief to know I didn’t overlook the obvious as is sometimes the case. :smiley:

Thanks so much for adding it to the request list.

Hey Joe,

Yeah, you missed nothing and I’ve already added that to the feature request database. My thought was that we might be able to use the Enter key for this - the Carriage Return key would still function as expected by the Enter key would be mapped to press the Insert Text button. On Mac laptops, which do not have an Enter key, we might be able to map the Fn+Return key for this. That was how I worded your request.

Thanks so much for submitting the request and if you have further feature requests for Title Studio or other Continuum filters, please don’t hesitate to send them along.