BCC Title Studio: Obj file - Memory is Low-UWindowManager

When importing a Obj. file in Title Studio the message displays “model importing…building model…working…” I let a few minutes go by and the message is still displayed and nothing else happens. After I cancel out a new message appears: Memory is Low-UWindowManager. Please help!

Hi Steve,

Would it be possible for you to pass the model to me (privately) so that I can check it in our labs in an attempt to reproduce the problem for our engineers? If so, please send it to me at peterm @ borisfx.com.


I tried to upload the obj. file, but a message appears:
Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, text, txt, aep, effect, mp4, mov, ppro, pdf, mocha, zip, 7z, shuttlesettings).

Sorry…I tried to upload to the message board. I will send to your email

Hey Steve,

Thanks for sharing that file - I was able to import the .obj into Title Studio (in Continuum 2019) in a couple of seconds and it looks just the same as it does when I load it into C4D. Given that you’re on a much older version of the software it may be that the improvements that we’ve made to the Continuum product, and particularly in the Title Studio filter, you may need to upgrade your v.10 software to the 2019 version to be able to import this model. You can always download the Continuum 2019 trial to see how this works on your system.


Thanks so much and please be sure to delete the obj file from your records.


Steve Mott

You’re most welcome Steve. I’ve deleted the file completely from my system, which is the only place it went to.