BCC Title studio timeline question

Have following setup - Vegas Pro 17 Suite + BCC Title studio.

  • i make simple video layer with some content, lets say bitmap, duration set to 4s.
  • then i add effect, BCC title studio, and make some animation that lasts 3.5s
  • then after some time, i need to prolong the duration of the animation, or add some more animation, so i set the video layer length to lets say 10s. Problem is, that the effect scales its timeline to fit the 10s, but i need the keys to stay on its previous time points. Is there way to do so?

Sorry for beginner question, i just started with both of the programs :slight_smile: thank you.

Hi there! The feature you’re looking for in Title Studio is called Rigid Run - here’s a tutorial that explains how to use Rigid Runs : Boris FX | Title Studio Fundamentals: Animating Rigid Runs

Thank you, thats it :slight_smile: