BCC Title Studio Tracking in Media Composer

I’m looking for a definitive workflow applying Corner Pin to Title Studio in MC to achieve the tracking and matte techniques to achieve the result of, say: Tracking Text with Corner Pin Studio inside Avid - YouTube

Whllst I can achieve similar results using Avid Titler in an HD project, I fail to have any success in 4K and with BCC Title Studio. Match Move will work using Jason’s advice here (only with Workflow 1)

but I can’t push the workflow for achieving a tracking matte over the top of the text. In addition, the advice is said to include Corner Pin Studio, which offers entirely different drop-downs and I have had zero success here.

I’ve been frustrated for many months with this, and as one thread indicates, it may only be when BCC Title incorporates a Mocha menu that there is a less complicated workaround.

Any guidance would be most welcome.


Hi Ed,

So have you watched that training clip where Vin walks through the process of pinning a title in Avid? This one : Boris FX | Corner Pin Studio: Tracking Text inside Avid Media Composer

If so, is it possible that there is a step that you might be missing? I’m happy to write out the steps for you if you think that might help.


Thanks for the reply, Peter. I have watched that clip to somewhere within an inch of its life. As I say, I can work it in 1080, but not in 4K - and not using BCC Title Studio, which I really would like to do rather than clunky Avid Titler.

Hey Ed,

I’ll go through it myself and see if I encounter issues with this workflow in 4k on my Avid system. If I’m successful I’ll write out the steps for you and if not, then I’ll bring this to engineering. Either way I’ll be back in touch before the end of day today.


Thanks Peter. I really appreciate that.

Hi Ed,

Well I finally managed to carve out some time to work on this project. Thanks for your patience. I am using the most recent version of Continuum and Avid MC on a Mac running 10.15.7 - basically the last release before BigSur.

I can confirm that both the apply to foreground and the apply to background seem to work as expected. For what you’re doing, I would suggest placing the background clip on V1 and the foreground insert (Title Studio) on V2. Then apply the Corner Pin Studio filter on top of the Title Studio filter and set the controls per the screenshot that I’ve attached. I’ll also write out the steps for you.


And thanks for your patience too, Peter. GMT is giving me eight hours respite now but I’ll look forward to pursuing this first thing.


Right, Peter. I’ve had a chance now to look at this and I am not getting the results that you have. Do you have any comments on the screenshots here?
My thanks,

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the screenshots. I’m currently recreating the effect while writing the steps out for you to see if perhaps a step in the process was missed. More shortly.


Great; thank, Peter.

Quick question Ed - is the title studio background set to none?

It is.

hmmm … ok, thanks.

Can you please try it again following these steps Ed?

  1. add background clip to the v1 track
  2. add title studio as filler to the v2 track
  • you should be seeing the default boris fx title over the background
  1. alt+drag corner pin studio onto the title studio filler v2 track
  • you should now see the title with the background composited over the v1 background track.
  1. go into effect mode
  • you should now see 2 rectangles, one red in the frame encompassing the title composite and one yellow on the frame border encompassing the v1 background
  1. in the control panel, twirl open title studio
  2. set the background to none
  • the background that was behind the title should vanish and you should just see the title over the v1 track
  1. launch title studio and set the title that you wish to use
  2. exit the title studio ui
  3. in the effect control panel, go down to the mocha tracker / mocha section
  4. click the launch mocha button
  5. set the corner pin region to where you want the title to be placed
  6. set the tracking region to cover an area that can be tracked
  7. track the shot and once tracking is complete, save and close out of the mocha ui
  • you should now see the title locked into the background as you scrub the timeline in avid
  • you can use the controls in the transform group to adjust the scale of the title
  • you can use the controls in the mocha tracker group to offset the position of the title

Hi Peter.
Works like a charm. I think the only difference to my original workflow was the alt drag. Thank you so much for talking me through it. I’ll continue with the Boris Tracking Text tutorial and see if the Mocha mask behaves as well. Again my thanks for your time and patience; take the rest of the day off.

Hey Ed,

Delighted to hear that worked for you - I had a hunch that it must have been one of those little missing steps things and I’m glad to hear that this is all it was.


Sorry, Peter. Furthering the tutorial, I see that the Pixel Chooser is no longer in the Corner Pin Studio menu in order to create my mask. Any suggestions?

Alt drag Mocha Pro and applying an inverted mask seems to have worked…

Hi Peter, just to start your videos are amazingly helpful. I am having an issue with corner pin in Continuum 2020. When I apply the effect I am only getting three of the four corner pins, pin one being the one that is missing. Am I doing something wrong?

Delighted to hear that you’re finding the tutorials useful and thanks for letting me know.

That’s so odd about the corner pin - I’m not sure why one of the on-screen widgets would be missing. Can you share with me some info on your system - version of avid and the OS?