BCC Titles & FCPX does not work

Hello everyone!
Installed “Continuum_2020_5_Apple_Final_Cut_13_5_0_macOS”, I use FCPX 10.4.8
Activated (entered the code and chose to remove unactivated products)
An error appears on the credits and they do not load.
Help me to understand.

Same here. Does not work in FCPX nor Resolve. Anyone?

MAC Catalina

We have reproduced the issue in FCPX and are working on a fix. It is a code-signing/notarization issue.

However we are not aware of any problems with Resolve. Please provide more details on what you’re seeing in Resolve.

Hello clement! Thanks sofar. I can’t see any Boris titles in Resolve. I do see the fxplugins in the map ‘Plugins’ (Mac HD/Library/Plugins) but not in the OFX plugins map. Guess I am doing something wrong here…?

In Resolve you would use BCC Title Studio (or other filters in the BCC 3D Objects category such as BCC Extruded Text or BCC Type On Text). Since FCP X is template based instead of plugin based you will see very different sets of options in FCP X than you will in any other host.

Ok, but I don’t see the Title studio in Resolve. It is supposed to be a ofx plugin I think. But its not in the list. Do I need to install or move the plugins somewhere?

If you install the Continuum OFX package you should see Title Studio in Resolve. There is nothing you need to do beyond running the OFX installer. The one thing to be aware of though is that if you are using a “Unit” license that doesn’t include the 3D Objects filter, as opposed to a full product license, and if you choose the installer option to only install the licensed units then you will only see a subset of the effect categories. If you are still having problems please include details on which version of the Continuum OFX installer you’re using, which version of Resolve, and any other details you can such as which Continuum categories do/don’t show up in Resolve.

Thanks again for the swift reply. So I have got the wrong installer you think? I have the Continuum Premium Filter Title Studio. No idea if it also installs off plugin…?

Ah, I see it’s the FCPX installer. So that won’t work in Resolve…? Will it work in FCPX soon?

Hi Temack,

Engineering has identified the issue with FCPX and has a fix for it. The fix will be in the next maintenance release but in the meantime as a workaround you can do the following:

If you have questions feel free to contact support so they can walk you through the process.


The installers for FxPlug hosts (FCP X / Motion) and for OFX hosts (Resolve and others) are completely separate. If you want to work in Resolve you need to run the OFX installer.

Thanks for the new plugins. I do see the templates now, but they have a giant red cross. I licensed again, still the cross remains. What am I doing wrong?

The red X watermark indicates that the filters are not licensed correctly. Licensing issues are best handled via the Support team:

Hi linh

Thanks, it helped, but now everything is crossed out

The red X watermark indicates that the filters are not licensed correctly. Licensing issues are best handled via the Support team:

It is very strange for a company to provide a free product as part of a promotion and at the same time do not understand which setting does not work, but now everything is crossed out. How can you safely remove this product and no longer do business with this company?

The issue with some filters not showing up in FCPX was fixed some time ago. Please make sure you are on the latest version of the installer - 13.5.1.

As for some filters being crossed out, that means that they are not licensed. If you believe they should be licensed, please open a case with our Support team and they can assist you with the licensing. Note that if you have “Unit” license for a particular category of filters, then you should choose the installer option to only install the licensed filters if you won’t want to see the demo mode version of filters from other categories.

To uninstall the filters, just use the uninstalled in the Applications folder.