BCC+Transform scale control gang doesn't 'gang'

Hi, just in case you didn’t know, BCC+Transform scale gang sliders doesn’t work in Vegas19, when ganged together then slide the X & only the horizontal scales, unless i’m doing something wrong,

The gang function woks in all other Boris fx i’ve used, & i use BCC DVE instead but just thought i’d let you know :wink::+1:

Thanks for letting us know about that - we’ll try to reproduce and if we can then we can fix it.


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Thankyou, hmm it doesn’t work in BCC+Composite either, I might be wrong when i said 'works in all other Boris fx i’ve used. I need to go through n see

Confirmed, “gang” not working.

BCC+Composite, BCC+Center Spot, BCC+Day for night, BCC
+Depth of field, BCC+Diffusion, gang doesn’t work,
but i haven’t found a BCC without the + sign where the gang doesn’t work, there’s too many to go through but the 5 or so that i found with gang option worked fine :+1:

Thanks for reporting this guys - we’ll take a look.


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