BCC VR Insert - Does insert asset need to match destination comp size?

I’m working on a stereo 360 project where I’ll be compositing a number of small 2D assets into a large stereo 360 video.

The assets themselves are much smaller then the stereo 360 layer I’m comping them into.

Does the BCC VR Insert plugin require that the 2D asset be precomped into a comp that matches the full height and width of my master 360 top/bottom layer?

i.e. if I have a 1K x1K 2D asset that I want to insert into an 8K x 8K stereo 360 video, does the 1K x 1K asset need to precomped into a 8K x 8K precomp for BCC VR Insert to properly work in stereo?

I have a lot of these little assets and need to be as efficient as possible when building my final comp. Are there any workflow tips to maximize efficiency with the VR Insert plugin?

Thanks for your help!

I usually precomp into a comp the same size as my main equirectangular comp and apply the vr insert plugin to this. I start with this element in the center of the precomp and will adjust scale and position as needed if it doesn’t look right using the plugin in the main comp.

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Yes, that works for me as well. Just wondering if precomping is a required step.

Not required, you could apply the vr insert to the background layer, and select the insert source layer as the source. But unless things have changed, best practice would be

There is some discussion on this in the docs for the plugin too.

Pre-comping is not required. I like to put the graphic above my video track, than switch from Normal to Replace in the Insert Apply Mode.

So - you should not have to precomp your 1K assets. I don’t really have other tips other than to combine any graphics (in Photoshop) that are on same stereo 3D space into one layer to reduce stacking and render times.

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