BCC vr insert Resolve

I’m playing with my new Vr insert both in edit- and colorpage, and I want to insert a transparent clip. It works fine in edit, but in color (imported as matte - and the clip is rendered and doublechecked that it is transparent) I get a solid black background. Is this me doing something wrong or is it just a matter of “this you should do in the editpage”?
btw - fantastic plugin.

Hmmm … it should work. What you need to do is :

(1) in the edit page, add the layer to insert (FG) on top of the background (BG)
(2) in the color page, apply the BCC VR Insert filter to the FG
(3) add the ext. matte for the FG
(4) pipe the ext. matte into the matte input of the VR Insert filter
(5) add an alpha out node
(6) pipe the alphe out from the VR Insert filter to the alphe out node input
(7) in the effects controls source group, set the insert layer to source A
(8) in the effects controls insert group, set the insert apply mode to replace

If you follow these steps it should produce the result you have in mind. Please let me know if this does the trick for you.


Hi Peter,
I think I adjusted your guide a little.
I found these three solutions. I’m not sure which one I will use in the future.

  1. is just simple quick edit page.
    2./3. in color page.
    In BCC tutorials I can only find colorpage solution where I have to add OFX input (I think they are 4-8 years old!) and this is also good enough when it’s without transparency, but it turns out that I don’t need it here at all. Maybe the product/resolve have changed in the years between. I am on a learning curve, so I’m probably missing something. If you have recent tutorials in the 360 league (filters and mocha pro), please let me know - The old ones are still valid though, just a little confusing when things looks different.
    Sorry for the footage - I’m just a humble treeclimber :slight_smile: