How is the Prograss on BCC 2019 ?


Very good! We are working away and very excited!


You Going to Have it out this month or Later ?


Most likely in about a month but that’s about as specific as we can be.


Since Saphire will come out before I will do my BCC Upgrade 1-2 weeks after BCC 2019 Knowing isues Mocha Isues Mocka is having now.So I will Get my Render Unit First :slight_smile:


In BCC BroadCast Safe are you Going to Support Rangs 16-940 And Video Scope 16-940 and 0-1023 for ranges? Like in the Vegas 16 PHoto?


How is Progress on BCC 2019 ?


Am I supposed to be getting New Serials for BCC 2019 ?


If you purchased Continuum 11 within the last year then you should not need new serials for Continuum 2019. If you have difficulties with your licensing then please open a case with technical support.


Ok Thx


So Only mocha 2019 Needed new Serial number?


Only Mocha changed to a new licensing scheme in the 2019 version. Continuum and Sapphire already used that newer licensing scheme in previous versions so a serial update should not be needed for them assuming your previous serial does cover the newer version.


Licence Numbers From 11 of BCC And Saphire Bre Being Rejected Saying I need to purchase new ones Even those in my account.


Licensing problems need to be addressed to technical support since they cannot be adequately resolved in a public forum


Great suggestion - and it would make sense for us to do that. It’s too late for the initial release of Continuum 2019 but we could always add this to a point release, depending on the level of engineering effort that would be involved.




If I have BCC units will BCC upgrade those to 2019?


Has Primatte Stuudio And Chroma Key Suudio been Improved in BCC 2019(key and Blend)?


Let’s say I am A Student Or Factuality Your company I Sue’s me a serial number for A product with 1 year I stop being enrolled or factually . With in that Year I contact sales. Sent them my serial Numbers they respond back and say what serial numbers Qualify for the free upgrade . But Support Says because I am no longer a student or factually they will now honor the upgrade that Sales says qualifies for the free upgrade.Who is correct according Terms And Conditions?