BCC9 uninstaller broken on macOS Monterey

I just migrated everything over from my old Intel MacBook Pro (2018) to my new M1 MacBook Pro (2021). I’m trying to uninstall BCC9 on the M1 with Monterey 12.6 and FCP 10.6.4. I tried the uninstaller on the M1 MBP and it didn’t work. I tried it on the old MBP and same thing. Both gave me the error that says the uninstaller needs to be updated. How do I get the update? I’ve looked on your website and didn’t find anything. If I can’t update the uninstaller, how do I completely remove BCC9 manually? I’m needing to do this before I can install the Free FCPX Looks filter.

Hopefully that’s enough information for you to help me with this. Thank you.


Hi Curt,

Ok, well there are preferences and filters to delete. Start by going into the system prefs (/Users/username/Library/Preferences), search for “borisfx” in the preferences folder and remove these items. Then go to the Applications folder and remove any related items from that folder. After that, just download and run the installer for the current version and you should be good to go.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply. Following your path gets me here, where there’s no Preferences folder:

And the only thing inside the Application Support folder is a “Log" folder, and the Log folder contains a “Sample” folder, which is empty.

I snooped around and found a Preferences folder under:
Macintosh HD/Library/
Macintosh HD/System/Library

but those don’t have any references to borisfx.

I also did the Option key under the Go menu in Finder to reveal the Library and there was no borisfx folder or files there.

Then I just did a simple search in Finder on “This Mac” and got this, which is really nothing of significance, other than the Continuum Freebies waiting to be loaded:

So I’m stuck.

Hey Curt,

So when you run FCP/Motion, are you seeing Continuum plugins showing up? If so we can remove them manually. Let me know if this is the case and I’ll walk you through the process.

Yes, they are there:

A few transitions, too.

And BCC Textures:

The actual filters are located here:


And the templates are located here:

MacintoshHD/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro/Templates/


That worked! I was able to delete all-things Boris FX and then install the FCPX Looks filter. Not too far down the road I will jump into the current version of Continuum, but for now life is good!

Thank you for your help,


Hey Curt,

You’re most welcome. Glad we got that sorted out and I hope you enjoy working with the BCC Looks filter.