BCCLightning doing weird things

Hi, I’ve just been going through things to see if everything’s ok after Vegas’s new update (Built 370)
BCC Lightning is messing with the image, these are HEVC & AVC MP4’s, 3840x2160 & 2560x1440, smaller ratios don’t seem affected but I didn’t try them much.,
If the Preview screen is Best - Full I get this sort of thing , If it is set Best - Half it looks ok but renders out with the damage,

Here’s a few of my HEVC & AVC MP4’s if you want to try them, just add BCCLightning ,
I’ll post this on the Vegas forum too, is it my machine, Vegas or BCC filter that’s the problem, :man_shrugging: :+1:.


On a separate note this is how Builder opens, choosing Fit correctly places the image centre.

It appears to be affecting a few editors not just Vegas, this is the Vegas forum response i got

Hi Gid!

Thanks for reporting this - I’ve reproduced the issue and thus far it appears as though the issue limited to use of the BCC Lightning effect and on my system only in 4k+ projects. I’ll write this up for engineering.


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Also, please be aware that I’m reproducing this in all hosts / platforms - I don’t believe that it’s driver related, I think it’s a bug on our end that we’ll have to fix.

Thanks again for reporting this!


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Thankyou :+1: