Beat Reactor Learning Video Outdated

The Beat Reactor Video on the learning page is outdated. None of the options are the same now and it is very hard to follow trying to find what those are in the current settings. Some are just gone completely or looks to have been combined into some other settings, but don’t match and have completely different options in the pull down lists.

Can we get these videos updated please.


Thanks for reaching out about the Beat Reactor.

Can you please provide me with a link to a training video where you’re seeing a difference between what is being shown in the video and what is available in the current version of Continuum?


Also Is there other videos somewhere that says how to use this more. This didn’t show how it was even linking to certain things. I was trying to use it to make another masked lighting effect react. I normally use FreqReact, which is extremely good and easy to use, but it is broken with AE changing it’s algorithm and they’re still updating it.

Was hoping this could work, but it didn’t link at all the way it was shown on here and I had to do the react manually.