Beat Reactor, separate fx request

Hi, is there a list of the fx’s that have beat reactor in them,
& can you make it a separate fx that can be applied on top of other fx’s so dictating the other fx’s impact on the media, or as in Vegas applied to the adjustment track ?
please & thanks

I’ll compile a list of filters that include the Beat Reactor and publish it here.

We include a Beat Reactor filter in Adobe After Effects because that host API provide us with he hooks that we need to generate keyframe data to drive native parameters in the host or parameters in other filters within that host - I am of the understanding that this is the only host API that offers the extension that we need in that regard but I’ll add your request to the database for future reference.


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Thankyou, Yep that would be good, i like the effect it creates but having all your products creates a lot of fx’s to look through, (not complaining) is it only in Continuum?
& Yep Vegas is prob bottom of compatible hosts for the things you need,

Yep, it’s a Continuum only feature.

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Thanks, that narrows my search :+1::blush: