Beauty Studio - Brighten the Eyes

I am using BCC for AVID

I have watched several videos on BCC Beauty Studio including Mary’s and the one below:

Like this one, I created a Mocha Mat for the face and subtracted mats for the mouth and additionally the 2 eyes. This worked great. It allowed me to soften the face without affecting the mouth and eyes.

Now I want to brighten the eyes of the actor.

How can I bring another layer in for the eyes that does not remove the Mocha layer that allowed me to beautify the face?

Many Thanks, Nunzio

Actually, you should be able to reuse the mocha tracked shapes that you have for the eyes and load that into any other BCC filter - from the Mocha UI, choose File>Export Project and save the project to the desktop, then in the new filter, from the Mocha UI select File>Merge Project and select the saved mocha project.

To brighten the whites of the eyes I might suggest BCC Brightness-Contrast or BCC Color Correction filters.

Or you could use BCC+ Eye Light, which has a built-in shape like a sleep mask (shape of a figure 8) and was designed for brightening eyes that have fallen into shadow - so not just brightening the whites of the eyes but lifting the shadows.

I hope this helps!


Hi Peter, Thanks for the reply. I already exported the Face Mask with the eyes and mouth subtracted. Are you saying to Export the project and unlink the face, eyes and mouth? Then when I merge, will it change anything? I like everything I’ve done so far and don’t want to have to redo face, color and smoothing. Is there any way to just import the eye masks and apply the effects without changing the already completed work?

I just added BCC+Eye Light on top of my BCC Beauty Studio. It brings in my whole other exported Matt showing face with eyes & mouth subtracted from face. Can I only select the eyes to add and merge? Once again, I do not want to change anything else I’ve already done?

Please see the below photo from Mary Poplin’s video. In the AfterEffects interface you get the ability to select the layer and then control it. I don’t see those controls in my AVID program. Where can I find them?

Many Thanks, Nunzio

Hi Nunzio,

So, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1 : From the Beauty Studio filter, export the Mocha project to the desktop using File>Export Project. This project will contain all of the mask shapes and tracking information

Step 2 : Apply the filter that you want to use to brighten the eyes - you’ll need to Alt/Option + drag the second filter on top of the BCC Beauty Studio filter to add and not replace it in the Avid timeline. Try using the BCC Color Correction filter to start (you can always change the filter later)

Step 4 : Launch Mocha from the BCC Color Correction filter and in the Mocha UI, select File>Merge Project and import the saved Mocha project

Step 5 : Delete any unwanted mask shapes from the Mocha project so that only the shapes for the eyes remain. Then close Mocha to return to the host controls

Step 6 : Use the available parameter controls in the BCC Color Correction filter to brighten the eyes. Note that you can feather the Mocha mask slightly to ensure that it blends seamlessly with the source shot

Please let me know if this helps you to achieve the desired result.


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Hi Peter, This worked great! Thank you for the detailed explanation! I was previously having a problem because instead of holding down the ALT key when adding the 2nd BCC effect, I was manually double clicking on the clip, stepping in and adding it on top of the first BCC effect. For some reason this does NOT work and you must use the ALT Key. Additionally, I figured out that I had to move my AVID resize to the upper layer on top of all the BCC effects to allow some of the BCC effects to be visible. Before doing this when using the BCC Beauty Studio, I could not get a true “Compare Split Screen.”

Jon, if you don’t mind, I am going to reply to your message on my “Gaffers Tape Removal” post and ask you a few questions here.

Thanks again. Problem solved!

Hi Peter, I have one other question. I loaded the same BCC Beauty Studio plugin to even out an area of the actors body skin in another shot. I then drew a mat around a small section of the shot. Is there a way to have Beauty Studio only affect that area of the shot? In other words, can I have Beauty Studio only affect the mask. I would like to blur out and blend a section of the actors body only in the masked area. Right now, the effect covers the whole shot which includes the window and furniture and makes everything go out of focus.

Is there a better effect to get rid of or blend the look of sagging skin?

I’ve seen professional colorists in an color session draw a quick mat around an area and blend out the blemishes on a persons face with the tool similar to the circle in the center of the BCC effects frame and then track the effect. Does BCC have anything like that would be a better choice than my current work flow?

Many Thanks,

Hi Nunzio,

Any time you add a Mocha mask shape to Beauty Studio, the filter will only process the pixels that are enclosed within that Mocha mask shape. The same rule applies to all filters in Continuum - Mocha mask shapes will hold back the effect from the unmasked regions in the shot.

BCC / BCC+ Beauty Studio is our solution for removing blemishes etc from skintones. You can always try using one of the BCC Blur filters to blur out masked regions in the shot but I think you would be best off using Beauty Studio.

I hope this helps,