Beauty Studio Not Sticking in Premiere

Can anyone help me? When I put BCC Beauty studio onto a clip in Premiere it looks great and then I render it out and it is all fuzzy. I’ve tried exporting, clearing media cache, duplicating project, duplicating sequences. This was not a problem until this week. It is becoming increasingly frustrating and no one is getting back to me from Boris. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi Spencer,

So my first question is of course - what has changed on your system that could be the cause of the disruption to the render result from BCC Beauty Studio?

And with that :
Has the host software been updated recently?
Has the OS been revved?
Is it possible that the graphics driver has changed?

And then, if you set the PP UI to display the full frame, as opposed to a reduced frame size like half, does that make a difference to the output?