Best Approach for Removal

Man, I’m on a roll today. Ha.

Here’s a short clip showing running footage where the camera and the subject are moving. I wanted to remove the man in red smoking by the brick wall since it’s distracting. I started by Photoshoping a clean brick wall, but when I tried applying the techniques I learned to remove a man walking through a shot, I get stuck. In my clip the camera is moving a lot so how should I approach this?


This is a pretty straightforward remove.

You need:
Roto of the car and keeping the whole car off the background. This needs to be the layer on top of all the other layers.
In the middle of your layer pile, you need your shape that covers your entire smoker and his shadow.
Your background layers need to be the wall and ground he’s walking over, you can join the layers together, and you need rock solid tracks.

You should be able to get a handy remove with that technique.

I’m re-watching Martin’s tutorials on removing objects. Yeah, I was doing it wrong. One thing that I’m not seeing is the layers above my wall don’t seem to be “cutting out” from my wall mask. So I make a mask for the wall that goes down the hill (Z axis). Above that, I have a garbage mask around the man and a detailed mask around the car. When I track forward and the layers overlap, I’m not getting that “cutout” look I see in the tutorials.

What am I missing here?

Can you send me a full screenshot of your project with the problem and splines visible? I will see if I can figure out what’s going wrong. You can email me at