Best place and best file formats for pixel chooser

I shot in mt2. I have assembled the video in PrPro and exported in h264. I want to use pixel chooser, beauty school, and more to produce a video for YouTube, making the actor look younger as Boris demos in this video: Digital Makeup & Age Techniques with Boris FX, mocha and After Effects - YouTube In that Video Boris uses AE. So I think it has to be done in AE, so what format should I output from PrPro for best results doing this in AE? Or do it all in AE?

Hi There,

Continuum is not sensitive to the file format that it is provided - if the host application will import the file then Continuum will be able to work with it.

The BCC + Beauty Studio filter works well in all supported hosts, including Premiere Pro, so if that’s where you prefer to work then you can complete the Beauty Studio in that host environment.

That said, you may find that AE is a more suitable environment for compositing shots, leaving the sequencing of the composited shots to Premiere Pro, which was built for that task.

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just want to chime in here, I do al my post work in AE for better control, but I have all sorts of issues with mp4@h264 on windows in AE ( it’s an AE thing), and usually convert to prores 422 or max quality as quicktimes for AE for working on depending on my source type, everything just behaves better for me ( on my machine, at least), then save the mp4 h264 just for the final render export from media encoder.

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Dear Mr McAuley, I have to do work in Mocha using pixel chooser to roto face parts before beauty studio, like in the YouTube video I linked to, DIgital Makeup & age technique. I don’t think I can do that in PrPro. I greatly prefer PrPro over AE for sequencing and arranging.
In PrPro, when I clicked on “Match Sequence Settings”, it chose to output in .mpeg. Sequence Settings are: 25fps, 1920x1080, Sq Pics, Upper First, 25 fps timecode, wking color space rec 709. The original videos were shot at 25fps and cinema mode on a Canon Legria h200

Hi User58,
that was just for what I do for using clips in AE as on my machine I have issues working with mp4s in AE. Trying to find the link it looks like that was an apple codec installer, that’s discontinued now… bah. But it was just a workaround for the mp4 issue I find as any quicktime codec would do with nice quality,. sorry I didn’t mean to confuse things !

The mp4 I would then only use as a final output render after I’ve done all the work & post work I want, by sending the project/render queue to media encoder, setting the first drop down to h264> and the second dropdown in media encoder has some nice presets built in for vimeo/youtube etc, which have the ones you would want for a file for uploading to YT

…but as I say , that’s only my workflow due to issues I have on my machine