Best product for video transitions in Premiere

I noticed several products include transition effects. I’m really only interested in doing transition effects in Premiere Pro with a simple drag drop interface. So I can quickly drop a transition onto the edge of 1 clip or between 2 clips (like how you would normally add a transition in Premiere).

I’m mostly looking for motion transitions where one clips slides/spins in while another slides/spins out in various ways. For example… a clip spinning off the screen via the top corner with motion blur and tiling effects that continuously mirror the clip beyond it’s edges.

Which product would you recommend for this?


Hi Pete,

If your product interest is limited to transitions, then I would suggest looking at the BCC Transitions Unit or the Sapphire Transitions Unit. You can purchase these units separately from the full packages of Continuum or Sapphire and you can upgrade to the full package at a later time, should you wish to do so.
Here are some transitions-only product links :


Thanks for reply, but I didn’t see any transitions in either that offer this type of transition:


Do you know if either have those types of camera movement transitions?

The BCC Spin Blur Dissolve from the Continuum Transitions Unit can generate that result. You just have to set the spin center parameter (Center A) to the top left of the frame and set the Angle Delta to 90 degrees and the blur amount to whatever value looks best to your eye.

Wow Peter… you beat me to it!
Yes, Spin Blur will do the same thing. I turned the amount down to “0” and left the rest at default.

NIce… sold!