Best RED R3Ds Premiere Pro CC14 Workflow

Hello all,

I’m new to Mocha Pro and would like to get your thoughts on the best Best 'RED R3Ds 'Premiere PRO CC Workflow.

What I’m currently doing is editing in Premiere Pro CC14 with native R3Ds files. (4 or 6K HD R3D files on a 1920 x 1080p sequence)

Once I have isolated a clip in the timeline that requires some tracking. I export that clip as a PRORES 444 . I then bring that clip into

Mocha Pro. Track and then copy to clipboard. I then replace the R3D with the ProRes file and copy the tracking information.

This seems a bit inefficient as I know Mocha can work with R3Ds just not sure how to isolate that clip in Mocha from Premiere Pro CC14.

Does anyone have a better workflow solution?

All help appreciated!

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I am not super familiar with R3D workflow, but from some research, it looks like the proper way to do this is…

Click on the Sequence name that resides above your timeline in Premiere. This will show a yellow highlight around your selections and ensure that you are exporting from that sequence and not just a list of the clips from your project folder.

Make sure your edit is in one video track in Premiere and use “export final cut pro XML” to get your clip XML list for R3D CineX:

Open Red CineX (the most current version) and try to import your XML.

This should separate out your clips for you so that you should be able to export them wherever you like, including mocha.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will be happy to help.


Hi Mary,

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll have a try at the work flow you suggested and post any findings.



Hi Mary,

The steps I have followed are as you suggested.

All good there.

I exported the file as a R3D trim. ie. a 5568 x 3123 RAW file.

I imported the clip into Mocha and using the Stabilize panel I tracked a defined part of the shot.

Now this has completed its tracking.rendering where do I go from here?

For example in Premiere Pro CC14 I set up a 1920 x 1080p timeline and using the native R3ds at a much higher resolution I am able to pan and scan without and final loss of resolution.

My goal is to be able to Stabilize shots with Mocha and take advantage of the extra resolution to keep the image stabilised without any loss of quality when re-framed.

Is this done in Mocha in which case how do I create a 1920 x 1080 project for the 6K file to sit in?

Or is the preferred way to go is to ‘Export Stabilized Tracking Data…’ to PPCC14? As you have a Stabilize panel it feels as if Mocha takes care of this…?

Many thanks for your help.



Ah, I did not know this was for stabilization. Unfortunately, mocha does not render R3D footage, but we do render high rez, my suggestion would be to stabilize using the stabilize tool in mocha Pro and render out of there when you are comfortable switching from the R3D format. You can then resize in your edit.

Or you can stabilize with mocha data in a linked AE comp and sync that to premiere.

It depends on what you want to do.


I see.

So export a 5K ProRes file or something similar. Satbilize in Mocha. Export as a 5K ProRes file.

Then re-import into PPCC14.

Can I use R3Ds in Mocha Pro within the Remove section?

Thanks for the wisdom,


Well, you can still use the first part of the R3D workflow for stabilize and remove if it’s easier to export, but we just can’t render R3D. We can render whatever rez you like, in many formats, but we can’t render as R3D footage. We can render the images, not the codec.


Sorry Mary, I’m still a bit confused…

I understand that you can import R3ds into Mocha and therefore can use the images to create the (export) tracking data.

But with the remove tool I would need to use an alternative codec to use effectively… Is that right?

Thanks again,



You can only render out of mocha as an alternate codec to R3D. We do not render R3D footage natively.

Thanks Mary.

That makes sense.