Best Tracking Pattern

I was recently lucky enough to have control over the object I was tracking. It was a large blank tag like the kind car dealers hang from the rear-view mirror. Anyway, the old school method for corner pinning with a point tracker is 4 + signs in the corners. As I started to take a sharpie to the blank tag, I wondered if there’s a more “planar friendly” pattern to use. I ended up using a series of cross-hatches about an inch apart. It worked great but is there a pattern or method that tracks best?

Hey Andrew,

The general rule is anything with high-contrast texture will track extremely well, but any random texture in general is very accurate. QR code patterns, hatches, clustered tracking markers etc. Clear planes of texture that are distinct from the background and do not lose much coherence when distorted by scale or perspective.

Heck, if you could glue a picture of a badger up there and it would be perfect.

What I would suggest avoiding however, is cloned repetitive texture, like a grid. While the mask itself will probably create a good trackable unique area from that, it may try to align the plane somewhere else in the pattern. Your cross hatches are an excellent idea, as i’m sure they were not 100% the same.

Also use matte surfaces where possible, although luminance changes can be better for compositing later.

And obviously very well lit flat colour is going to cause grief.

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Thanks for the helpful, swift and comical reply.

I’ll keep a stack of pictures of badgers in my camera bag from now on. :rofl:


Pictures definitely. We don’t recommend using live badgers. Those are typically non-coplanar and you may get drift in the track.

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If I wanted to use Mocha to create the effect of cutting down the mightiest tree in the forest, should I use a picture of a herring?

Hey you started it. We should stop.


Herrings are much more co-planar than Badger’s, generally seafood is as long as you can workaround the shine issue … Nih !!