Best way on "drawing x-spline"?

I saw people on tutorials draw X splines in different ways, and i want to know which is the best? lets say i want to put “image” into the “this frame” , how should i work? this frame will change,scale, rotate,perspective and etc. I think you see the video called “Frame of mind”. I want shoot and create video like this.

Three is best, three will give you the edge detail that you need while cutting out any reflections on the glass. Too close to the edge like 1 & 2 and mocha can’t calculate best how the plane is tilting. A shape like 4, 5, or 6 will include glass reflections that will mess your track up.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


Thank you for response, i understood, and isnt it good idea to put 3 point at every edge? more point better result?

and if my some part of my fingers cover frame should it be inside xspline ?

and drawing matte inside xspline changes quality of result?

You don’t need three points at every edge, if you want a corner you can just pull the handle of the x spline out to give you a corner instead of a curve.

If your fingers or any other occlusions get in the way of the track you will need to either move the shape around them or put another xpline around the fingers over the top of your frame track, otherwise you will corrupt your tracking data.

Drawing a cut out inside the same layer with add to x spline will avoid reflections on the frame, if there are no reflections, there is no need for the cutout. It has to do with occlusions and corrupting your tracking data. A reflection or shadow is as much of an occlusion as your finger is.

Does that make sense to you?