Best way to have fog emit forward through transparent composite

Looking for tips here…

I have a composite with 6 layers (image attached). From back to front:

  1. Background sky
  2. BCC Stage Light to create blue light and atmosphere/fog (top-left corner)
  3. Transparent PNG which pans to the left of NYC skyline
  4. singers
  5. brick wall
  6. more singers

QUESTION: how to get the fog from the stage light to flow forward through the transparent spots on the buildings, and the light to back-light the layers in front of it?

Host is VP17. Composite layering is done in Vegas.


Well BCC Stage Light is a 2D effect and can’t push forward through the Z plane and Vegas is a 2D sequence editor, not a 3D compositor so you have zero control over the Z plane. That said, you might be able to achieve the result you’re after with the use of multiple instances of the Stage Light effect with masks on different layers in the composite stack to emulate the look of the fog interacting with the various layers.

You might also give BCC Particle Illusion a shot - it can generate some very nice looking fog banks.