Best way to prep for a full show shot with virtual sets (green screen)

Since the pandemic, some stage shows have begun supplying “virtual sets” to companies who are performing their productions. (MTI is doing this) Productions can either project those virtual sets onto cyc, or use green screens and add the virtual sets in post.

My questions here is about adding virtual sets in post.

  1. What is the best full-stage green screen to recommend, that can work with Continuum to subsequently track camera motion and remove the screen in post (Using Vegas Pro)? I’ve seen some people place markers on their green screen – some white – some black – some matching similar green color.

  2. Would Primatte Studio be the recommended keyer to use? Does it have the ability to take the tracking data and apply it to the replacement background?

  3. Any other thoughts/ideas. We’re not talking about a 2 minute music video – we’re talking about a 1-2 hour production. Simplicity, speed and good results are definitely criteria.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!
:slight_smile: Rob