Best way to remove this car from this drone shot

Hi guys,

I got this last minute project and I am scratching my head about which way is best to do a remove.

Here is the clip:

We have to remove that parked car at the end of the shot. Any idea the best way to tackle this?

Use multiple patches and blend together.

anyway you can explain in depth?

I’d start with the start with the screen right bg hills,
And it’s better to start working from the tail to head of this specific shot since we’ve more details over the ending frames.
Make a clean plate somewhere at the ending Frames of the shot.(we’ve got plenty of CP references in nearby frames).

Track the hill separately, and use the same for our hill CP.
For the water part you can try transform 2D for time saving.

Now we can cleanup the car over the brick wall area.
We can choose any of the ending frames as master frame for CP since we’ve got nore details over there.
Make a CP, and track the wall / car.
Apply track to the patch, use your corner pin / grid warp.
Maintain the patch for 20 to 40 frames. Then create a new CP, apply the track and dissolve with first CP, repeat the process.

Finally roto and reveal back moving car and SL fg area.

So all that was done. Got a good track, but for some reason when I apply the tracking data to the clean plate with the car removed, it doesn’t translate correctly. It becomes very small.

Should I try adding the plate in Mocha instead of AE?

Also here is the tracking I did in mocha:

This is where I got to so far:

Its the last part thats killing me. The thing on top of the parked car that is noticeable towards the end. Trying to figure out how to polish this and make it better

Some of this might have to be touched up with rotopaint too, you might not get a perfect remove in Mocha alone from this.

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hmmm I don’t have nuke unfortunately. But this is where I got so far with Ae and Mocha,

Just the last part is the most noticeable and trying to figure out the best way for that.