Best way to track a wall which the camera passes through?


I’m very new to Mocha Pro, so I apologise if this is a simple question-

What is the best way to track the plane as shown below, considering that the camera will pass through the door?

I’ve tried tracking one of the chequered black and white textures and this gives me an okay track, but when I x-spline both textures the track is completely thrown off (even if I provide some keyframes). I think I may be doing something wrong here.

Would it help Mocha if I placed another texture around the doorframe? And should I avoid using a texture which repeats like that? Is there anything else I can do to make this go smoother?

Keep in mind that this is only a test- If I can complete this sort of track successfully I’ll be redoing the shot in a well-lit environment.


Hi Harry, I am willing to bet lens distortion is the culprit here. Shooting indoors needs a wider angle lens and the closer you get to the object the more distortion will be noticeable. Can you please create a lens solve for this shot first?

Next, mask out the fridge and put it in the layer above your track, it’s going to cause problems with the track because it is an occlusion.

I would also include the checked boxes on the same plane and some of the green screen around the door frame in with that, especially where you have wrinkles in the green screen, that’s good tracking data you don’t want to ignore. Do avoid the shadow areas from the under cabinet light however and make sure you cut the inside of the doorway out of the shape you create. It does help, though, to include a few pixels of the inside of the doorway to help Mocha define the edge of the plane.

If this is handheld, make sure you are tracking with perspective. And if you still have some track problems, switch to CPU tracking instead of GPU tracking, in some cases it can help with really tricky tracks that do not cooperate. To do that, go to file>preferences>gpu tab, and uncheck the GPU tracking box, save and restart Mocha Pro and the host if you’re using the plug-in version of Mocha Pro.

You may have to create some manual track keyframes or use adjust track where the pictures go offscreen.

Try that and let me know if it helps you.


Hi Mary,

Apologies for the late reply.
It seems as though, just as you predicted, lens distortion was preventing a good track! The other things you suggested also helped considerably.

Thank you very much.

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