Beta x1 Posted - Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta (v14.0.2)

Hi, Folks,

Welcome to the Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta! We are delighted announce that Beta x1 of Continuum FCP 2021 (v14.0.2) is posted and ready for your review! Continuum FCP 2021 represents the largest change in the product’s history, with over 80 new BCC+ filters and over 50 new BCC+ transition templates - all based on a new real-time GPU architecture. The new filters are 100% GPU accelerated for lightning fast previews and renders, are fully HDR compliant, and include a brand new custom FX Editor interface that both lets you edit settings or quickly select from the over 1000+ presets. See the later sections in this post for a more complete list of new features, installer links, known issues, and other testing notes. But first read the important details here on getting started, and then let us hear your thoughts!

Beta Testing:

  • It is critical that you make a backup of projects before working with this new version and that you use these early beta versions for exploration but not mission critical projects. It is always true with beta builds that projects/presets/templates created in beta might not open correctly (or at all) in later updates, and this is especially true with early beta builds.
  • A free Continuum FCP Public Beta license valid through June 30th, 2021 is installed automatically. Beyond that point a normal Continuum FCP license will be required.
  • Please create a new forum topic for new issues to help keep the discussion organized.
  • When reporting bugs please make sure you include as much information as possible including:
    • Version of Continuum beta (there will be multiple updates)
    • Detailed steps to reproduce
    • OS version
    • Host and Host Version
    • Hardware specs including GPU
    • Crash report contents (in the event a macOS crash report is triggered)


  • As part of the migration to the new, faster GPU architecture, a large set of the existing BCC templates (the slower ones) were marked as obsolete, and while old projects that reference them should still open, they no longer appear in the effect and transition palettes in FCP. This is one of the many areas where we need your input. Did any mission critical templates disappear that you think we should bring back in the meantime?

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher is now required
  • Motion 5.5.x and/or Final Cut Pro 10.5.x or above are required.
  • M1 / Apple Silicon ARM machines are NOT supported in this release

Happy Testing!

Jason Clement
Continuum Engineering

What’s new in Continuum FCP 2021 (compared to Continuum 2020.5):

Over 80 New BCC+ filters:
Over 80 new 100% GPU-accelerated filters for coloring, lighting, camera lens effects, film stock emulation, and more. All of the new filters are fully HDR compliant and include a new FX Editor preset browser and custom preset generator with OCIO color management tools, the ability to edit parameters from directly inside the browser, and over a 1,000 presets. New filters:

  • BCC Art Looks:
    • Borders, Color Infrared, Color Shadow, Harris Shutter, Infrared, Night Vision, X-Ray
  • BCC Blur:
    • Blur
    • Detail
  • BCC Color and Tone:
    • Black and White, DeFog, Develop, Enhancing, Grade, High Contrast, Kelvin, Low Contrast, Polarizer, Selective Saturation, Shadows/Highlights
  • BCC Film Style:
    • Bleach Bypass, Color Processing, Day for Night, Film Stocks, Looks, Three Strip Color
  • BCC Grads & Tints:
    • Color Gradient, Color Spot, Colorize Gradient, Dual Gradient, Gels, ND Gradient, Photographic, Radial Tint, Sepia, Skin Tone, Split Tone, Sunset, Tint
  • BCC Image Restoration:
    • DeBand, DeBlock
  • BCC Key & Blend:
    • Color Paste, Edge Composite, Holdout Composite, Math Composite, Non-Additive Mix, Optical Dissolve
  • BCC Lens:
    • Camera Shake, Chromatic Aberration, DeFringe, Lens Distortion, Radial Exposure, Wide Angle Lens
  • BCC Lights:
    • Ambient Light, Chroma bands, Eye Light, Glow, Glow Darks, Glow Edges, Ice Halos, Key Light, Lens Flare, Light, Overexpose, Rays, Reflector, ReLight, Streaks
  • BCC Optical Diffusion:
    • Center Spot, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Double Fog, Fog, Frost, Halo, Mist, Net, Rack Focus, Silk, Split Field
  • BCC Perspective:
    • Transform
  • BCC Textures:
    • Textures

Over 50 New BCC+ Transition Templates:
Over 50 new 100% GPU-accelerated, HRD-compliant dissolve-style transition templates across six categories including Blur, Grade, Light, Optical, Stylize, and Vignette dissolves variations. These dissolve-style transitions are all designed work equally well on both opaque and alpha clips. The list of transitions is evolving rapidly and we need your input on what direction it should taking moving forward.

Big Sur macOS 11 on Intel Chips

  • macOS 11 (Big Sur) is officially supported, but only on Intel chipsets. Apple Silicon / ARM chips such as the M1 will not be supported in this release.

Installer Link:


  • BCC+ 3DObjects - The 3D Objects category of BCC filters has been deprecated and marked obsolete for several years (in Apple’s FCP and Motion Fxplug hosts only). Rendering of legacy projects that use 3D Objects category is no longer supported in FxPlug hosts as of Continuum 2021.
  • As part of the migration to the new, faster GPU architecture, a large set of the existing BCC templates (the slower ones) were deprecated, and while old projects that reference them should still open, they no longer appear in the effect and transition palettes in FCP.

Known Issues:

  • CO-8756 - FxPlug - FxEditor can hang for roughly 30 seconds when closing the UI on certain mac configurations before returning control to the user. If you see this issue please send us detailed system info we can better understand which configurations are affected.
  • CO-8785 - FxPlug - Some of the old Title generator templates in FCP are such as Glow Curl be be slow or unstable on certain hardware configurations. The Title generator templates need to be updated.
  • CO-8777 - FxPlug - A few templates make use of BCC PixelChooser controls for built-in matting, but the PixelChooser mattes are not generating the right result. E.g. BCC Levels and BCC Remover
  • CO-8738 - FxPlug - FCP can sometimes crash when color params are adjusted in FX Editor for BCC+ Center Spot filter.
  • CO-8716 - FxPlug - It can sometimes take more than one click to apply the preset back to host after playing back a preview inside the FX Editor.
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Thank you.
I look in to it.

Hi Folks, anyone else running FCP? We are planning a worldwide public announcement on Monday but very curious to see any reaction from our internal list. Please, post away!

Hi, I only just installed Continuum on the 16/03/2021, loving it but I’m just curious,
Is this Beata version much different to what i have which is i presume is the latest version ?
Sorry i’m not experienced enough to give this a ‘trial’ :grin:

Hi There!

So the answer is yes, this is a completely different product than the version that you just installed. If you are interested in trying the beta, then you might want to download the installer for the product that you purchased and keep that handy in the event that you may wish to go back to that version to access a specific effect which may not be in the new version.

Here’s what to expect after installing the new product - any projects that you created with the previous version will open and look exactly the same, but the available effects in the FCP library will be different. The new Continuum effects in the FCP library are many times faster than the previous suite of effects, as they are all GPU enabled and run on the graphics processor.

There are about 80 filter effects that will be totally new to you and over 50 brand new single track auto animating transitions. There’s also a new FX Editor, which provides a custom user interface with editable presets, which makes generating the right look a much easier and faster process.

You can read all about it here :


Thanks :+1:

Should I be getting the big X on the screen for the public beta or was I supposed to be sent a temporary license?

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You should not be seeing a watermark of any kind from the Continuum FCP beta - the installer should have taken care of installing the beta license for you.

So help in solving the problem, can you provide a system report please? You can do that by going to the apple menu and selecting about this Mac, then click on System Report and choose File>Save - then send the file to us. You can send that privately to me at I’ll share it with the support team to see if there is anything obvious that would cause the watermark.


Also please send your BCC.log file as a private message. You can use the private message feature on the forum or email to me directly at:
jclement at borisfx dot com

The log file can be found here:


Any reports yet of system crashing/hanging/corrupting data?

Thanks! Just waiting for M1 compatibility!!! I love this product but there are 3 months that I haven’t used because of it… looking forward for updates!

Hi All,
I have downloaded the beta on my iMac Pro (Big Sur 11.2.3) and everything runs well. I tested HDR footage from Sony Z90 (log) and iPhone 12 Max will several filters - excellent!

2 questions:

  • All blur effects seem to be very CPU-bound - is this beta related?
  • In contrast to Motion in FCPX there are only few particle setups and no FXEdit - did I miss something?

Hi elmuernhar,

Thanks for trying the product and reporting your findings!

The filters that are labelled BCC+ are all GPU’d but we left a few of the legacy blur filters in there while we work on finishing the GPU set.

The FX Editor is available for all of the BCC+ labelled filters but not for the legacy BCC filters and not for the transition templates. Could it be that you were using one of the BCC filters and not one of the BCC+ filters?


Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for posting - we’re actively working on adding M1 support. We’ll post here once that’s available.



Thanks for your reply!!! That’s good news!!! Looking forward to it!!!

Thanks Peter,
all good now with BCC+ labelled filters!

Thanks Helmut!

I have the same issue.

I have this same issue and Borris tech support said it was a problem specific to the beta license and sent me here.