Bezier and X-Spline Question

Has anyone experienced exporting "Format: After Effects Corner Pin [corner pin only, supports RG Warp and mochaImport] which pastes 4 Corner Pin Effects into AE as well as Transform Data? The Corner Pin Effects appear to be identical. I delete 3 of them.

No, we have not been seeing that, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a bug! Are you finding this is happening on only one shot or on several shots? What are your steps to repeat the issue?



Thanks for the reply [ and video tutorials]

This is one very difficult shot and occurs after adjustments and re-Exporting Data . I believe is is a cache issue. Much more than once the adjustments have not pasted in either. The previous roto track is re-pasted instead.

Frankly, I am trying to work towards completion so I simple delete the extra corner pins and keep it moving. I do not attempt to recreate the issue. Every so often I simply shut down Mocha so it can reset itself.

I understand that it could be Mocha, After Effects CC, my PC, the shot, my lack of experience with Mocha [AE about 12 years now] or???

At this stage I perform a quick forum search for a simple solution. If one is not found I get back to creating.

Sorry I am not more help.

Again, thank you.



OK, thank you for letting us know, we will keep an eye out to see if this crops up again!