Bezier vs x-spline shape export to AE issue

I have created a bezier because I am tracking exact shape of a bird
when I export it to AE from mocha pro v4
the path is scattered and went crazy points go everywhere and animating each point away from it and creates animation for hundreds of yellow lines (the edge)
when I created x-spline for another item but not bezier and export it it worked very well
I am exporting to AE from paste mocha mask in both cases
so it accepts my AEcs5 and AEcs6 both accepting accurately the X-spline paste mask
but it go crazy and show only frozen still frames well but when I reach the animated frames with key frames it go crazy move but in random space for each point
while I did exactly the same with X-spline it works fine
so why is that?

It sounds like the surface tool has gone behind the camera, and so you may need to paste this in as an effect and not a spline because the shape is corrupt. I recommend not using perspective when you rotoscope.

If you continue to have issues, please send me your file, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.