Beziers not allowing new points

Recently our Beziers have stopped adding points to our shapes. We can get the “+” to appear but when we click, no new points are added.

Is this a bug? Has someone messed with our preferences and I haven’t been able to find where to change it?

It it causing a huge slowdown for all artists.

What OS/version?

What happens when you create a new roto node, draw a bezier and Alt-click on the spline on Reshape mode?

We are running on Linux Mate 1.16.2
Silhouette is 2020.0.3

When I alt-click, I get the “+” that it wants to create a new point, it just refuses to do so.

If Alt-clicking does not create a point on either Bezier, B-Spline or X-Splines, I suspect your version of Linux/desktop is preventing it from working. You would have to resolve the Alt conflict in your version of Linux/desktop before it will work in Silhouette.

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