BFX Error Code: 25 - (OFX, BCC 10, Resolve, Mac 10.14.5)

Hi there,

I have been using BCC 10 in resolve for a few years.

I recently had to format my computer and updated to OSX 10.14.5 Mojave.
Today I re-installed BCC 10 (latest release) for OFX and now whenever I apply it to a shot in resolve (1080p prores4444 25fps) I get a black screen with text Bfx Error Code:25.

I have tried uninstalling/deactivating and then re-installing/activating but I still get the error with any effect.

I am just wondering what the error code means. And if there is anyway to fix it with my current set up or if I will need to update to v12.


The Error Code 25 message unfortunately is a fairly generic “catch all” error code so it doesn’t indicate any specific steps to take. BCC 10 predated Mojave by several years and it definitely isn’t officially supported on macOS 10.14.x Mojave. In fact Continuum 10 only officially supports macOS up through 10.12 so it may well be that you would need to move to a newer version of BCC on Mojave. I’d recommend pulling a free trial version off our website and testing whether the issue goes away.